audio available 14 November 2023

Handling redundancies – Part 2 — by bongiorno group

When you are hiring someone, it might be helpful to think about it in terms of commencing a relationship. That’s according to John Ryan, Senior Workplace Relations Advisor with AMA Victoria. And so, if it ever comes to letting a worker go because of poor performance of or other difficulties, he says, you are merely […]

audio available 7 November 2023

Handling redundancies – Part 1 — by bongiorno group

If an employer has firmly decided to end the employment of a staff member, how can it be done respectfully, with generosity and quickly? John Ryan has facilitated these redundancy conversations for many years in his various roles. Today he is Senior Workplace Relations Advisor with AMA Victoria. In part 1 of handling redundancies, John […]

audio available 31 October 2023

How the AMAV looks after doctors — by bongiorno group

Over the years AMA Victoria has continued to provided tremendous support for individual members, as well as the medical profession and the wider community. From a workplace relations viewpoint, the AMA team assists doctors concerned with their employment and negotiates enterprise agreements on their behalf. It also facilitates much needed initiatives like the Victorian Doctors […]

audio available 3 October 2023

Paid parental leave – who is eligible — by bongiorno group

The new financial year has seen the introduction of new rules to paid a parental leave, which is more attractive to new parents. To determine whether you’re qualified to take advantage of the changes, Ricky Caldow, Associate Director at the Bongiorno Group explains the details.   For more information, please call 03 9863 3111   […]

audio available 26 September 2023

What’s in a name: Who handles your finances? — by bongiorno group

For the uninitiated, the financial and accounting world can be quite a complicated beast. The job titles alone reflect the myriad of different roles and services on offer.   Ricky Caldow and Mitch McKeown, both Associate Directors at the Bongiorno Group, discuss the different titles – including accountants, bookkeepers, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, and so […]

audio available 19 September 2023

Insurances you don’t want to talk about…but must! — by bongiorno group

There are some things we put off thinking about or discussing because they’re just too depressing. Also, we don’t think it’ll happen to us…until of course it does. If you get injured or lose your life, being insured will help your loved ones financially.   In this episode, the Bongiorno Group’s Associate Director Ricky Caldow […]

audio available 12 September 2023

How is your risk appetite for investing? — by bongiorno group

Before investing in anything – whether that’s shares, managed funds, property, etc. – it’s worth understanding your risk appetite. To ascertain that, it’s advisable to undergo a risk profile, by answering a set of questions to measure how aggressive or conservative you are in managing risk.   The Bongiorno Group’s Head of Advice Operations Stacey […]

audio available 5 September 2023

Income protection – what you should know — by bongiorno group

If – heaven forbid – you are struck down by illness or worse, you would want the peace of mind that you and your family’s financial situation doesn’t also take an ill turn. That’s where an income protection policy is worth exploring, as a safeguard to those times of crisis.   Mitch McKeown and Ricky […]

audio available 29 August 2023

Depersonalising disputes for better outcomes — by bongiorno group

Issues between individuals in the workplace can sometimes turn into disputes, with both parties at logger heads if left unresolved. According to John Ryan, Senior Workplace Relations Advisor with AMA Victoria, disputes between doctors and management most typically include rates of pay and hours of work, performance management, and disciplinary matters.   John Ryan explains […]

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