audio available 9 April 2024

Bongiorno Group Women in Surgery Grant — by bongiorno group

The late Tony Bongiorno was a pioneer in promoting gender equity in the workforce since the early 1970s. In memory of Tony’s commitment to education and equality, the Bongiorno Group has established a new grant to support female trainees and surgeons. The $10,000 grant is provided to women who are Royal Australasian College of Surgeons […]

audio available 26 March 2024

Temporary or permanent disability protection with the right insurance — by bongiorno group

Losing income due to disability can have significant financial implications, which underlies the importance of having appropriate insurance coverage. Yanish Geerdharry, Head of Risk Advisory Services at the Bongiorno Group, and Rory Jacobs, Senior Business Development Manager at PPS Mutual, discuss both temporary and permanent disability insurance.   They examine the different ownership structures and […]

audio available 19 March 2024

Tony’s Teachings Part 3: Improving quality and referability — by bongiorno group

Show up on time, do what you say you’re going to do, finish what you start, and use good manners to improve referability. They are some of the lessons from the late Tony Bongiorno that the Bongiorno Groups Directors, Ricky Caldow and Mitch McKeown, delve into in this third instalment of Tony’s Teachings.   Adopting […]

audio available 12 March 2024

Tony’s Teachings Part 2: What to look for in an adviser — by bongiorno group

What qualities do you look for in an adviser? Well, the late Tony Bongiorno had some ideas, which are explained by the Bongiorno Group’s Directors, Mitch McKeown and Ricky Caldow. They include the importance of like, trust, and respect in building a mutual relationship. They introduce the concept of Kaizen, the Japanese art of continual […]

audio available 5 March 2024

Tony’s Teachings Part 1: Things to avoid — by bongiorno group

This is the first of a series of podcast episodes which pay tribute the late Tony Bongiorno and the valuable lessons he shared while he was at the helm of the Bongiorno Group. Ricky Caldow and Mitch McKeown, both Directors at the Bongiorno Group, walk us through three of Tony’s Teachings. They include avoiding the […]

audio available 27 February 2024

The dreaded Division 293 – an additional tax on super contributions — by bongiorno group

The “dreaded” Division 293 is an additional tax based on total income and adjusted taxable income, and which applies to both personal and employer contributions to superannuation.   The tax is calculated after the tax return is lodged and can be paid out of pocket or from the super fund.   The Bongiorno Group’s Senior […]

audio available 20 February 2024

How do I improve my credit score? — by bongiorno group

  There’s no way around it – your credit score is used by a lender to determine your ability to pay back a loan. How do you find your credit score, what does it mean – is it good or bad – and how do you improve it?   For answers, we hear from the […]

audio available 13 February 2024

Buying at auction? Make sure you’re prepared! — by bongiorno group

  With a prevalence of auctions in Melbourne, it’s highly likely that if you were to buy a house in Victoria’s capital, you’ll have to go through the process of bidding before you buy. And so, it’s critical you do your due-diligence before the hammer comes down.   The Bongiorno Group’s Senior Financial Consultant Mark […]

audio available 6 February 2024

Getting ready to buy a house — by bongiorno group

  Buying a property in Australia, particularly in Melbourne, is a significant and expensive purchase. The Bongiorno Group’s Associate Director Mitch McKeown and Senior Financial Consultant Mark Bremner explores the process of buying a property. They provide insights into assessing borrowing capacity, obtaining pre-approval, managing assets and liabilities, and maximizing borrowing capacity.   It’s important, […]

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