audio available 3 February 2022

medical equipment & motor vehicles — by bongiorno group

 Budget asset write-off – Dental equipment & motor vehicles If you’ve been sitting on the fence about purchasing new dental equipment, we’ve got some good news! A new tax measure adopted by the Australian Government means you can purchase new equipment while slashing the amount you owe to the ATO. Want to know more?  […]

audio available 30 January 2022

locum fact sheet — by bongiorno group

Locum work is a good opportunity to gain experience in multiple hospitals. It also provides doctors with a chance to earn income at increased hourly rates. However, it does come with some tax complications.  You’ll need to prepare for, and meet, any related compliance obligations to avoid unexpected surprises at income tax time.   ABN […]

audio available 25 January 2022

landscaping depreciation — by bongiorno group

can you claim depreciation for landscaping at your investment property? Did you know you can claim depreciation for some types of landscaping at your investment property? It’s good news if you have ‘hard’ landscaping in the outdoor areas of your rental property. We’re talking about garden sheds, water tanks, concrete paths, brick retaining walls and […]

audio available 15 January 2022

introducing discretionary trusts — by bongiorno group

what is a discretionary trust or a family trust?  Have you ever wondered what a discretionary or family trust is?    Read on because you may be surprised to hear about the benefits of setting one up.  There are different types of trusts that include discretionary and family trusts.    Both trusts are commonly used […]

audio available 12 January 2022

how to structure your investment holdings — by bongiorno group

Ownership structure It’s always a good idea to build your wealth. Perhaps you’ve already purchased an investment property or bought shares. Or maybe you only recently started thinking about building an investment portfolio. As a doctor, you are considered to be in an occupation that is generally considered to be high risk. Therefore, an important […]

26 May 2021

super changes you should know about — by bongiorno group

There are some important changes coming to superannuation and they could have a major impact on your personal finances. 1. Rising contribution rates As of 1 July 2021, the employer super contribution rate will increase from 9.5% to 10%. The rate will rise again by 0.5% each year until it reaches a 12% contribution rate […]

17 May 2021

federal budget 2021 summary — by bongiorno group

What the 2021 federal Budget means for you After one of the most challenging years in living history, the 2021–22 federal Budget has been designed to boost Australia’s economic recovery. On a more personal level, the Budget announced by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on 11 May includes provisions that will have a major impact on your […]

audio available 28 January 2021

australian tax implications of an overseas fellowship — by bongiorno group

If you’re doing an overseas Fellowship in the future, there are some important tax implications to consider. The best time to do this is before you leave. One of the essential things you’ll need is up-to-date information on what the Australian Tax Office (ATO) requires you to declare on your Australian tax return. To be […]

18 October 2020

federal budget 2020 summary — by bongiorno group

The Treasurer said: “The budget is all about jobs” so there are big benefits for small to medium businesses particularly the health sector. With your return to consulting and surgery back to a more normal routine, the incremental backlog of work and ever-growing waiting lists will keep you extraordinarily busy and this will translate into […]


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